BK DIECI has been the artist alter ego for Brooke Krumbeck for the better part of the last five years.

The works BK DIECI has created are developed over numerous iterations as she explores the concept of perfectionism in relation to the female form. Tired of the female form having been depicted at times with the typical pretty face and the "ideal" body, BK DIECI has kicked those notions to the way-side and created works that are scarred, bleeding and littered with abstract forms incorporated within disintegrating bodies.

BK DIECI wants to bring her array of thoughts, imagery and characters together to explore these relationships, their impact and the forms they inhabit beyond the canvas. Laden with sexual undertones, mythical creatures, exotic environments and human flesh these dystopic worlds delve into her precarious fantasies. Amid the furore of vibrant colours are dark, sinister nuances harnessed in dripping bodily fluids, bloody tear stains, disjointed limbs and appropriated faces. 

Diagnosed over a decade ago with four autoimmune diseases including colitis, coeliac, rheumatoid arthritis  and hashimotos these conditions do not only affect sufferers silently on the inside they also play mind games on our physical appearance, which in turn can lead to depression and anxiety. Coupled with countless images of the ideal woman, societal expectations and the demands we put on ourselves it can begin to implode both physically and psychologically as shown in the artworks.

Inspired by natural environments, wildlife and the associated patterns derived from their forms BK DIECI combines these with her obsession of pop culture. From living among the quirky streets of Tokyo that ooze colour, sexuality and disdain for the ordinary to the intricacies of western comic book characters, hyper-real fantasies and video games.

BK DIECI has driven her consciousness into dream states to allow herself and the viewer to escape reality and go on a wild psychedelic adventure where Tittafants roam and mythical tales are abound. there are no demands, expectations or rules as to how you should look, act or behave as a woman.

Welcome to the dark, twisted lucid fantasies of BK DIECI where you do not have to apologise or make excuses for being yourself.


Curriculum Vitae

b. Sydney, Australia


Master of Art (Time Based Media), University of New South Wales, Art & Design


  • 2019 - New Course, Arteles Creative Center, Haukijärvi, Finland (April 2-30)

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016 - Nothing's Ever What It Seems, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

  • 2016 - Lucid Fantasies, The Makery, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2019 - Contemporary Art Station - Shibuya Station Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan (March 5-11th)

  • 2018 - Objectified, Ambush Gallery, Sydney

  • 2018 - Midsole Exhibition, M2 Gallery, Sydney

  • 2017 - Kaleido Magazine Launch 4, The Commune, Sydney

  • 2017 - VizbiPlus Challenge, Spunky Bruiser, Darlinghurst, Sydney

  • 2017 - Reclaim the Night, Freda's Bar, Sydney

  • 2017 - Undergarments, 107 Projects, Sydney

  • 2017 - Pocket-Sized Precincts, Inner West, Sydney

  • 2017 - How We Roll Stayfly Exhibition, Bondi Beach Burrito, Sydney

  • 2017 - The Beholders Eye, Gallery Aurora, Summer Hill, Sydney

  • 2016 - Dystopia, Tortuga Studios, Sydney

  • 2016 - MCA Zine Fair, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

  • 2016 - Other Worlds Zine Fair, Marrickville Town Hall, Sydney

  • 2016 - 'A Virtual Reality', Gallery 448, Dulwich Hill, Sydney

  • 2016 - Paste Invaders, Art Not Apart Festival, Westside Acton Park, Canberra

  • 2015 - UNSW Art & Design Annual - Three Point Turn, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney

  • 2015 - Paste Modernism, aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney

  • 2015 - Loco Project, Glebe, Sydney

  • 2015 - In The Night Garden: Dark Circus, Tortuga Studios, Sydney

  • 2015 - The Other Art Fair, Central Park, Chippendale, Sydney

  • 2015 - Finalist, The Lloyd Rees Youth Memorial Award, Gallery Lane Cove, Centrehouse, Sydney

  • 2014 - Contemporary’s Contemporaries, The Rocks Pop-Up, Sydney

  • 2014 - Project/Project (Multimedia Festival), UNSW Art & Design, Sydney

Festivals & Events

  • 2017 - Rosenthal Project, Lane Cove, Sydney

  • 2017 - Art Installation, Horizon Festival, Sunshine Coast

  • 2017 - BadGirl Garden Live Painting, SlyFox Enmore, Sydney

  • 2017 - The Beholders Eye Mural Edition, Marrickville, Sydney

  • 2017 - Mixtape Live Art Fundraising Event, Marrickville, Sydney

  • 2016 - BEAMS Arts Festival, Chippendale, Sydney


  • 2015 - ARC @ UNSW Art & Design Grant

Media & Publications

  • 2018 - Contemporary Art Station, 13 December 2018, Contemporary Art Station Announces First Edition of ‘Shibuya Station Exhibition’

  • 2018 - Sunshine Coast Council, 26 July 2018, ‘A Colourful New Horizon in Eumundi’

  • 2017 - Kaleido Magazine Issue 4

  • 2017 - Artwhore, 26 January 2017, 'Art Talk - Brooke Krumbeck aka 'BK DIECI'', Josh Griffiths

  • 2016 – The Right Space Project, November 2015, Roje Augustin & Linda Ung

  • 2015 - North Shore Times, 21 August, Lifestyle, 'Drawing on her Dreams', Cassandra Briedis